The Boron III SX is the rod of choice for saltwater, big flies, big fish and big wind. No matter if you’re making long casts directly into the wind, throwing big bulky flies or launching a heavy sink-tip, these rods perform flawlessly. These super-fast action fly rods are powerful, lively and capable of generating incredible line speed. Built with advanced Boron III technology, this series is also lightweight and allows an angler to present a fly with incredible accuracy. The Boron III SX is the ideal selection for any saltwater, freshwater or warmwater fishing adventure. With unmatched lifting power and fish-fighting capabilities, this super-fast action series is simply unmatched.

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Rod Highlights
  • The rod of choice for saltwater, big flies, big fish and big wind
  • Built with advanced Boron III technology, resulting in fast action rod that is lightweight, powerful, lively and capable of generating incredible line speed
  • Strong and dependable
  • Proprietary design that promotes effortless long casts, accurate presentations and reserved power for big flies and windy days
  • Unmatched lifting power and fish fighting capabilities
  • Ideal selection for any saltwater, freshwater or warmwater fishing adventure
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana USA

Rod Features
  • Action: Super-fast
  • Grip: Full Wells with fighting butt on 9'6" 5wt., 9’6” 6wt. and 9’ 7wt.-12wt.
  • Sections: 4-piece
  • Color: Winston green
  • Guides: Chrome nanolite stripper guide and grey titanium hard coated wire snake guides
  • Reel Seat(s): Choice of nickel silver with burled wood insert or anodized aluminum on 9’ 4wt., 9’ 5wt. and 9’ 6wt., all other rods anodized aluminum only
  • Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with logo tech rod sock
  • Rod Weights: 4wt.-12wt.

Rod Specifications
LineLengthWeight (oz.)GripRod Price / Blank Price
4wt. 9' 3 3/8 CIGAR $795 / $398
5wt. 9' 3 3/4 CIGAR $795 / $398
5wt. 9'6" 3 3/4 FULL WELLS $795 / $398
6wt. 9' 3 3/4 CIGAR $795 / $398
6wt. 9'6" 3 7/8 FULL WELLS $795 / $398
7wt. 9' 4 FULL WELLS $835 / $418
7wt. 9'6" 4 1/4 FULL WELLS $835 / $418
8wt. 9' 4 3/8 FULL WELLS $835 / $418
9wt. 9' 4 1/2 FULL WELLS $865 / $433
10wt. 9' 4 3/4 FULL WELLS $895 / $448
11wt. 9' 4 3/4 FULL WELLS $895 / $448
12wt. 9' 5 1/4 FULL WELLS $895 / $448

Fly Rod Reviews
9’ 12wt

"On a recent trip to Sudan I gave the 12-weight Winston Boron III SX a true workout. I am extremely impressed.

Unlike most 12-weights, the Boron III SX isn’t the usual broomstick action club of graphite for fighting big fish. This rod can actually cast. The first test came with a giant trevally peeling along the flats. Because of the speed of the traveling fish I had a short window to get my fly in front of him. My Winston loaded like a dream and in two false casts I shot 80-feet of line and dropped my bushy size 4/0 fly in front of the monster with ease.

Not only does my 12-weight SX load fast and cast accurately but it’s amazingly lightweight. Often we’d have opportunities to dredge off the reef for enormous bohar snappers. The action was excellent and before I knew it I’d be blind casting my 12-weight for hours - easy to accomplish with its noticeable light weight.

And if you think that a 12-weight that’s a pleasure to cast must be sacrificing fish fighting ability – you’re wrong. In the Red Sea there’s coral reef everywhere and you can’t let any fish run far. My 12-weight Boron III SX showed the ability to stop them dead. And though many 12-weights would break to smithereens, my SX held up to the ultimate test!"

Jeff Currier: Winston Pro Advisor

"The B3SX, Winston’s fast action saltwater offering, is everything you would expect from a Winston and yet still surprising. I love Winston rods but, like a lot of people, I thought of them as a trout rod company. When I picked up the B3SX I expected great feel and castability. I didn’t expect a saltwater action that unloads like a canon. The powerful butt of the B3SX gives you distance and authority in the wind and the tip is soft enough for accurate short shots. A great all-around performer and a beautiful rod to look at. Boron rods are tough too, which is a plus in a tarpon rod."

Louis Cahill: GinkandGasoline.com

9' 4wt

"After two years of design work with our new amazing Boron III material, utilizing entirely new patterns, we are very excited about our new Winston Boron III ~ SX fast action rod series. This is an entirely new, full line series, ranging from 4-weight freshwater rods right through to 12-weight saltwater rods. Receiving the IFTD Best of Show award in the saltwater fly rod category is a wonderful acknowledgement of the successful teamwork that was implemented in this program. We tested the freshwater rods across the country, and the bigger rods spent considerable time in a variety of different saltwater locations with us and then and in the hands of a select group of highly accomplished outside advisors. Everyone in the Winston family is very proud to have received this award and excited to offer this great rod series to the world of fly fishing."

Annette McLean and the Winston Rod Design Team

9' 5wt

"Winston rod designers took an unselfish approach with the all new BIII-SX, gathering and acting on feedback from some of the best fly casters and hardcore fly fishers in the world. I'm proud that Winston made me a part of that design team, and even more proud of what we've accomplished. A powerful, fast-action fly rod has never been easier to cast or more fun to fish."

Bob Story: FEATHER-CRAFT Fly Fishing

9' 5wt

"I got to test the New Winston Boron IIIx-SX, this is going to be replacing the BII MX. It is an awesome rod, very powerful, with a deeper action than the MX. The 5wt is a great dry fly rod, and when it gets too dark to see your sz. 20 dry, cut that leader back and throw a streamer at the bank. It can handle it."

Jake Villwock: Winston Pro Staff

9'6" 5wt

"Those that have fished with me will say that I have a huge obsession with true medium action fly rods, and my casting reflects that. I can carry the whole line with a medium action rod, but struggle to throw the same distance with a fast rod. I have cast and fished many fast action rods but never felt that any of them was that "magical." The day I went out to cast the new Boron III SX's I assumed I wouldn't like them. I picked up the 596-4, cast it in the parking lot, and ordered one that day. It's amazing proof that Winston can create an extremely fast rod that rivals all competition in the stiffness department, but still have FEEL. It corrects poor casts and turns over like a dream. It has now become my number one Sea-Run Cutthroat rod for Puget Sound. I can easily cast distance with no effort land resident silvers and cutties without needing to bump up to a six weight. I am now a believer in the power of a fast rod, and I'm never going back!"

Brita Fordice: Winston Pro Staff

9' 8wt

"Fly fishing in saltwater demands that a fly rod be up to the task. This is where Winston's BIII-SX fits in. I have never found a fly rod that handles it all like this rod does. Whether casting to hot running bonefish at 70 feet or to a tailing permit this rods get it done...and with authority! Most anglers feel that an 8 weight just won't handle a big permit, but I have found otherwise with the BIII-SX. It not only presents a big crab pattern with accuracy it will break a permits will and their long fighting capability. I have landed 20 pound plus permit using this rod and have never felt like I was fighting the fish with something less than adequate. The next time you're headed to the salt you should get your hands on one of these amazing rods."

Tim Tollett: Frontier Anglers, Dillon, MT, Winston Pro Staff

9' 8wt

Application: Midwestern River Smallmouth. “The fierce power and feel of the BIIISX is a perfect match for chucking big baitfish patterns for river smallmouth bass. You will need your 8 weight to load big front tapered lines, mend 50 ft., toss a variety of offerings, all with the goal of landing that 20”smallie who by the way knows he’s that big! The Boron III SX 9’ 8wt. is that rod.”

A.J. Dudek: Winston Pro Staff

9' 9wt

"I have spent time with the new Boron III-SX #9 rod and love it. It is powerful without being heavy and retains the Winston "feel". I have already used it for Atlantic salmon in New Brunswick and look forward to using it in the Florida Keys on windy winter days, for bonefish and permit."

Joan Wulff: Winston Technical Advisor

9' 11wt

"I just returned from a week of tarpon fishing in Belize. After throwing the new Boron III-SX rods at the casting pond at Fly Tackle Retailer in Reno I had to bring one down to Belize. The new Boron III-SX 11 weight rod completes the Winston saltwater rod program perfectly. I had days where the wind gusted up to 20 knots and days that were glass calm. The rod behaved well in both situations, which is a rare trait. I mainly fished it with weight forward floating lines for tarpon in the Savanna Flats area west of Ambergris Caye in northern Belize. This is a shallow flats system with medium to large tarpon that feel everything, because shallow water magnifies all sound and vibration more than deeper water does. This means your fly and line must fall to the water quietly and in a subtle manner. This is also a challenge when casting around the clock on a windy day. The fast action of the new BIII-SX punched very well directly into the wind, yet, the tip was soft enough to lay down a quiet presentation when casting with the wind. I do try to have my rod travel in a non-stop loop path when battling the wind, so not to lose line speed and momentum, and the BIIISX was so smooth it was a pleasure to cast. I was blown away how the line tracked off the tip of the rod. I would say this was the most accurate fly rod I have ever thrown."

Ian Davis: Winston Field Advisor, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures