Andre Scholz resides in Schwerte, Germany and has a degree in Sports Science from the University of Bochum. Andre is respected as one of the leading two-handed (spey) casters in the world and has an especially strong following in Germany and Scandinavia, His exceptionally smooth, almost effortless casting and detailed knowledge of the sport have brought scores of students to his European casting clinics.

We first met Andre in 2004 and were immediately impressed with his masterful technique. Since then Andre has worked closely with the Winston. In 2006, Winston and Andre teamed up to produce "Introduction to Spey Casting with Andre Scholz"; an instructional DVD filmed in British Columbia that provides simple on the river instruction for the basics of casting with double-handed rods.

As an extremely charismatic and extraordinarily talented caster, Winston is proud to be affiliated with him as our European Two-Handed Specialist.